Mission Statement

Red Pill Productions is LA’s premier creator of outrageously fun, cruelty-free events. Guests of Red Pill events will have a great time with a clear conscience as they mix, mingle, and celebrate while enjoying delicious vegan food and drinks. In addition to their cruelty-free foundation, Red Pill’s guiding principles are to provide a social atmosphere that encourages interaction between diverse individuals, and to offer unique experiences that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

Red Pill is a partner with Expand Animal Rights Now (“EARN”), a non-profit organization dedicated to using the legal system to help animals. A portion of the proceeds from every Red Pill event goes to support EARN.

Who We Are

David Burke

About David

As President of Red Pill Productions, David Edward Burke strives to create outrageously fun events that also happen to be animal-friendly. His events are characterized by an authentic, festive, and social atmosphere that makes the bar scene looks dull by comparison. David’s guiding philosophy is that the two most important things in life are enjoying yourself and doing good along the way. His events, including the inaugural Vegan Oktoberfest, promise to accomplish both.

Prior to forming Red Pill Productions, David worked in the United States Congress and graduated from UCLA School of Law. He is currently a practicing civil litigation attorney who resides in Los Angeles.